Consultants / Researchers

Among 50+ NRIC researchers and consultants, these members are mainly involved in overseas projects. Other members profiles will be added to this page in due course.

Personal Profile

Tasaka, Mikio
Mr. Tasaka is a Board member and Senior Managing Director of NRIC. He is a 35+ years Nippon Express veteran, of its 17 years in US with managing various ocean freight group positions. He currently oversees five divisions of the company, but also acts as a researcher who frequently travels out on to the fields. With his deep experience and knowledge, he often teaches international logistics at Japan International Freight Forwarders Association (JIFFA) and academic institutions. He holds a BA in Law from Chuo University and completed advanced management program at Institute of International Study and Training (IIST).
Komatsu, Takashi
Mr. Komatsu is a Board member and the General Manager, Management Consulting Division of NRIC. He joined NRIC in 2005 and currently manages overall activities of both domestic and overseas research and consulting projects. Prior to NRIC, he was the head of the Logistics Group of Recruit Co., one of the Japan’s top publishing companies. There, he developed nationwide network of parcel distribution, and improved and optimized the publisher’s logistics systems, including network and inventory optimizations, restructuring logistics management system, cost-down proposal and implementation and outsourcing. He also managed mail-order logistics system building, privacy information protection and call-center operations. He holds a BA Business from Yokohama National University.
Bando, Atsushi
Mr. Bando is the General Manager of Business Development. He joined NRIC in 2009 and established Overseas Research and Consulting Team. Under his leadership, the team’s services have grown to the core business of NRIC only in 2 years. He is currently focused on corporate-level strategic planning and development of new businesses, for the company to revitalize and survive. Most of his 20+ years’ career is international business development, which includes strategic planning, research and analysis, team building and management, target finding, negotiation, contracting and starting new business. He holds a BA in English from Waseda University and an MBA from Foster School of Business, University of Washington.
Yamaguchi, Osamu
Mr. Yamaguchi is a Senior Consultant of NRIC. He joined NRIC in 2004 and has handled wide range of logistics projects including network and warehouse optimization, planning, marketing and overseas researches & surveys. Prior to NRIC, he worked at Japan’s leading aluminum products company, Shin Nikkei (currently, LIXIL Group), where he originally started his career as a product design engineer, later took responsibility of several product manager positions. He holds an MBA from Rikkyo University.
Nachi, Hisayo
Ms. Nachi is a Chief Consultant of NRIC. With her extensive accounting and finance background, she has taken responsibility of various management- and investment-decision type projects. In 2012, she was based in Jakarta, Indonesia, then Singapore, and managed research teams for several projects. She holds a BA in Economics from Yokohama National University. She is a Certified Japan SME Management Consultant.
Hosoyamada, Yutaka
Mr. Hosoyamada is a Chief Consultant of NRIC. He is a Licensed Customs Specialist of Japan and had experienced day-to-day customs clearance jobs for 6 years in Tokyo and Shanghai at Nissin Corporation, a major logistics service provider (LSP) in Japan. After joining NRIC, he not only led various customs clearance-related projects, but also hands-on new route finding surveys, cross-border trade analysis and logistics infrastructure surveys in more than 10 countries. He holds a BA in Economics from Hosei University.
Katayama, Norihiro
Mr. Katayama is a Consultant of NRIC. He joined NRIC in 2013 and is currently handles various warehouse operations, systems planning and import/export research projects. Prior to NRIC, he had spent 9 years at Hitachi Transport System, where he developed and installed warehouse management system (WMS) over 15 countries in Asia and Europe. He holds a BA in Sociology from Doshisha University.