Field Test

In addition to packaging performance test (conducted in-house), field test gives an opportunity to collect real time data under actual cargo shipment environment. Testers (vibration, shock, acceleration, temperature and humidity depending upon your measuring needs) are equipped with cargo, container or truck for necessary duration of experiments, and data is analyzed to improve packing and transport methods.

Types of Projects

  • Video recording of shipment (GPS and recording inside cargo)
  • Vibration/Shock measurements
  • Acceleration/Speeding measurement
  • Temperature/Humidity measurement
  • Route Survey (GPS and video recording outside)
  • Driver control (GPS)

General Procedure

  1. Study clientsf needs and plan method
  2. Plan appropriate testing environment and equipment
  3. Set test parameters
  4. Negotiate and agree with forwarders/carriers and book containers/trucks/ULDs
  5. Execute the test (Place/Collect test equipment properly)
  6. Obtain and analyze data
  7. List up options
  8. Recommendations

GPS Recording and Monitoring

GPS Recording and Monitoring Image

GPS Recording and Monitoring Graph


Acceleration (bottom of container) Ocean: Japan to Europe Acceleration (bottom of container) Ocean: Japan to Europe

CY Port of TokyoCY Port of Tokyo